Streams of Prayer Bulletin

Streams of Prayer Bulletin for September 27

The Streams of Prayer Bulletin for September 27, 2020 is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Promotion for partnership: Taiwan

Thank God for the completed promotional videos for Wycliffe Taiwan that premiered in August. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they use these videos to connect with churches and other ministry partners. Pray also that these videos point many to the Lord, for his glory and praise. View and share these videos here: FootstepsLooking to the Future and He Who Has Ears to Hear

Partnering in practical ways: Papua New Guinea

Praise the Lord for the partnership between the Anglican Church in Oro Province and the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA). The Church provided a house for PNGBTA to use as an office and for staff housing. This office will play a significant role in serving and encouraging the eight Bible translation teams that PNGBTA administers in the Province. So pray for God’s blessings as people come to celebrate and mark the opening of the office on 30 October. Pray also that the Holy Spirit will stir the hearts of people from other church denominations, businesses and the provincial government to support the Bible translation movement in the Province.

Church associations support Bible translation: Solomon Islands

Praise the Lord for the strong connections that the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership Solomon Islands(BTLPSI) has with the two main church associations. The Solomon Islands Christian Association comprises the mainline church denominations. The Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association comprises the Pentecostal and charismatic churches. Together, these two church associations give BTLPSI the mandate to participate in Bible translation in the country. Pray that leaders of these two organisations will grow in their understanding of Bible translation. Also that they support it through advocacy and in practical ways. Therefore, ask the Lord to strengthen BTLPSI’s Executive Director, Pastor Andrew Fanasia, as he works through these networks to bring greater awareness of Bible translation in the Solomon Islands.

New translation: Cameroon

Praise God that members of the Pol language community contacted staff at Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) in 2019 about starting a translation project. Since then an Inter-Church Committee (ICC) was formed to develop strategies and other practical plans that need to be in place before translation can begin.
So pray for:

  • Unity among all those serving on the ICC. Ask God to guide them and give them wisdom.
  • The practical preparations that need to be done. These include legal and administrative processes and the completion of agreements on local responsibilities.
  • Good partnerships and sources of funding for the project.


Working together for transformation: United States and Global 

In March 2020, Wycliffe USA leaders adopted a new vision statement: For people from every language to understand the Bible and be transformed. The commitment to Vision 2025 remains, but the new vision further defines the Wycliffe USA goals for involvement in the Bible translation movement. Wycliffe USA also adopted a new mission statement: Serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word. This refocused emphasis on partnership underscores the importance of working together with others as the body of Christ. Therefore, pray that people will encounter God in his Word and be transformed as local churches and organisational partners work together in translation, language development, Scripture engagement and related activities.

New Board members: Global

Thank God for the members of Boards serving the Wycliffe Global Alliance and Alliance organisations. These men and women play a vital role in guiding and supporting Bible translation movements throughout the world. Several organisations, including the Alliance, are searching for new members for their boards. So pray for those responsible for conducting these searches. Also ask God to guide them to the people he has already called to serve.

Month of prayer: Hungary

Pray for Wycliffe Hungary and the plans for a month of prayer. This to start in mid-October, ending with the World Day of Prayer on 11 November. The goal is to engage as many churches and individuals as possible to partner in prayer for the Bible translation movement. Participating in prayer together is a challenge during this time of social distancing. So ask God for creative ways to pray jointly without actually meeting in person. In addition, this initiative is part of the 2020 Global Year of the Bible Movement.

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