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Streams of Prayer for October 26

The Streams of Prayer for October 26, 2020 is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Mission belongs to God and the agent of mission is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

The second part of the theme for the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer to be held on 11 November is Generosity. As God loves and cares for us in this VUCA world we respond generously to others, as acts of thanksgiving and worship to him. In this way, the Alliance expresses God’s love to other Alliance organisations, language communities, partner organisations and others.

Ten days of concentrated prayer: Global

We praise God for Latin Americans from Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations, who participated in the 10 Days 2020 global prayer initiative, September 19 to 28. They joined people from various language backgrounds on Zoom to participate in 240 uninterrupted hours of personal repentance, intercession for unreached peoples, and longing for the return of Jesus. There were also prayers for translation of the Bible and indigenous issues. Four thousand people registered in the prayer room. Nearly 100,000 attended a related face-to-face event, The Return (USA). More than 10 million people participated through television and social media. Thank God for this global outcry, for the positive testimonies and reports already received. Also that this initiative has contributed to stimulating prayer movements in the countries of Latin America.

Giving and receiving generously: Kenya

The staff of Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) praise God for his generous protection during the pandemic. None of the staff or members of their families, across Kenya, were hospitalised due to COVID-19. Thank God for His provision of funds for projects for the next financial year which started on 1 October. BTL used a tithe from the funds raised locally to support outreach activities of other Christian missions and like-minded organisations in Kenya. This includes supporting University Christian Unions missions outreaches to communities that have not been introduced to the gospel. Pray that many lives will be transformed as this money is used to share the Gospel.

Stepping out in faithRussia

A Russian church has been called by God to be involved in the Tyvan Language group located in Russia and Mongolia through prayer and funding. They want to fully fund the remaining financial needs of this project, which is 10 times the church’s yearly budget! The Bible translation is estimated to be completed within two to three years. Wycliffe Russia is greatly encouraged by the desire of this church to step out in faith and look to God for the impossible. So ask God for His rich blessing and provision for all the funds and other resources needed.

Faithful partnership: Bangladesh, Singapore

Alliance organisation Connections Bangladesh has come alongside five Bangladeshi language communities to assist in translating Scripture engagement materials for children through the Sotri* project. By the grace of God, these children’s resources are now completed and available online. So praise God for the financial partnership of Wycliffe Singapore in this project. There are now requests to work in four more languages. So also pray for the Lord’s continued provision of wisdom, resources and partners for the project.   *Sotri is a pseudonym.

Virtual work and provisions: Thailand

Most of the existing projects of Wycliffe Thai Foundation receive generous financial support from Alliance organisations in other countries. Ask God for his favour for the projects to continue in the midst of the COVID challenges. Pray for creativity, wisdom and guidance for the Thai translators and staff as they work virtually during the pandemic, and as they trust God for His provision. Pray also for expatriate staff who had to return to their own countries and are working virtually alongside their Thai colleagues. Ask the Lord to encourage their faith and give them patience during this time of waiting. Also pray that the Lord will make it possible for them to return to Thailand, and that He will provide for the cost of their return travel.

Sustained by God’s peace: Papua New Guinea and Tonga

Praise the Lord for the commitment of two of his servants who have remained faithful despite setbacks and challenges. Lupe Lui has generously served with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) since November 2017. She is seconded to PNGBTA from Wycliffe Tonga Missions for a three-year term which will culminate in November. In December 2019, Lupe married Mosese Lui. The newly married couple agreed for Mosese to continue working in New Zealand while Lupe completes her three year commitment with PNGBTA. They planned to be together in July but these plans were disrupted due to the pandemic. Praise the Lord for His sustaining grace and peace during these months of separation.

Shalom and generosity all in one: Asia to Europe, Europe to Africa

Simon Wan, Asia-Pacific Area Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, along with his leadership team, initiated a joint prayer meeting on Zoom with the Europe Area leadership team. Once a month they meet together to share God’s Word, listen to the concerns of the area leaders and then go into breakout rooms to pray in small groups. What a blessing it has been to each area staff member! Recently Hannes Weismann, the Director of the Europe Area Alliance organisations, reached out to the leadership of Africa Area. Now Europe Area and Africa Area staff have started monthly prayer meetings together on Zoom. Praise God for His peace and blessings that abound during these prayer times. Also for the generosity that is expressed through giving and receiving from each other across these different regions.

A correction for an item in 11 October 2020 Streams of Prayer

Recently we asked you to pray for literacy work happening in CAR. We apologise that we misrepresented the situation. Currently there are no literacy workers and there is a desperate need for them. Please pray for them.

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