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RENEWED Ministries Update – 6 March 2024


This is the RENEWED Ministries update for 6 March, as provided by Reverend Courtney Richards.

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

Hello, friends and prayer partners. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I pray that you continue to grow in Him and become like Him in every way for His Kingdom and glory.

I am on my last full day here in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe having arrived a month ago. It has been a wonderful time of preaching in various churches and doing some very important teaching ministry as well (see below). I appreciate the great hospitality that Miracle Temple Baptist church members provided for me. I am also thankful to God for some rest that I got in between assignments, especially over the last few days. Praise God. 

I taught a series on, “The privilege and benefits of serving God with commitment” at my host church Miracle Temple Evangelical Baptist Church. We first looked at, “Who is this God we are called to serve?” Then, what is meant by serving Him, especially what is His mission and vision for us? Following that we examined, what is the nature of serving God and what is commitment? Lastly, we looked at the benefits of serving Him. The teachings were challenging but well received judging by the questions, interactions and feedback of those in attendance. Please pray for God’s people to OBEY and follow through on what He has said to them.

I also led a seminar for pastors and leaders (mostly elders) of the Baptist Federation here on leadership, God’s mission and vision for His church and by extension our churches, how we do church and how do we reform our churches to make disciples of the younger generations and men who are under-represented in churches in the Caribbean. We had stirring discussions on these matters and one pastor asked us, “Where do we go from here?” It’s a great question and I offered to help the Baptist Federation and their pastors and leaders work through these issues with the leading of God’s Spirit and make the necessary changes and reform the churches so we conform to God’s mandate, mission and vision for His Church today! Please pray that God will continue to guide us and that there will be buy-in to these critical matters as we go forward to be the people of God and fulfill His Great Commission.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 7, I am scheduled, God willing, to return home to Miami, Florida, USA. I have medical checks and procedures to be done. First up, on Monday morning will be my long awaited colonoscopy and endoscopy. Please pray for a safe and helpful procedure and good medical checks and test results all around.

Finally, please continue to pray for Africa Missions 2024 and to give to this vital ongoing ministry of training and deploying disciple makers in various countries of Africa. God continues to do great things in and through RENEWED Ministries and our partner ministry Smallcircle in Africa. We are grateful to Him. Praise His holy name.

You can send your gifts by check/cheque to: RENEWED Ministries, P.O. Box 1229, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA 46546 or donate via PayPal on our website:

Thanks for your continued prayers, love, support, encouragement, financial gifts and partnership with us in making disciples in various nations for the Kingdom and glory of God. You are loved and deeply appreciated.

Coram Deo.
Always in God’s grip,

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