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RENEWED Ministries Update – 25 March 2022


This is the RENEWED Ministries update for 25 March 2022, as provided by Reverend Courtney Richards.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Greetings my brothers and sisters – prayer partners all! I trust that you and your loved ones are abiding in the Vine and walking in the fullness of the Spirit.

It has been a very hectic three weeks for me here in Miami as I have been focused on final preparations for Africa Missions 2022. We are almost there! I leave Miami/Fort Lauderdale tomorrow (Saturday, March 26) morning for New York. I leave New York on Thursday next week, March 31st with my son, pastor Alex Altidor for Uganda, Kenya and South Africa where we will be serving over the next three months and more! We will be training pastors and leaders in Kenya and Uganda on discipleship “The Jesus Way” (how did he do it?); leadership – especially integrity in leadership and servant leadership. We will also be looking at the “ancient paths” of cultural traditions, customs, beliefs and practices that shape their lives there in Africa but often contradict scripture. What should they do about those things? What does the Bible say?

My son, Leroy Hutchinson, from Jamaica, will join us in Kenya to train some young leaders from Kenya and Uganda on Youth Leadership and sports ministry. This is a new dimension of ministry we are introducing in Kenya and Uganda.

I will share about the South Africa part of the mission later in April. This comes up in May to July!

As we go forth in the name and will of God, please be much in prayer for us as we travel. We need God’s safety and protection. We also need His Spirit’s anointing and empowering upon us and all those we will serve in Africa. It is only by His Spirit that lives will be transformed and disciple making movements – The Jesus Way – will be started and sustained.

Please pray also for my health that I will have sustained good and improving health. In addition, pray that my dietary needs will be met everywhere we travel as this continues to be of concern. This is quite hard to do when you travel and are dependent on others to care for you. But God is more than able, willing and faithful in taking care of me. He has done so all my life. Praise His Holy name.

Thanks for your encouragement and financial support. We praise God for helping us meet our original budget. However, with the rise in prices and costs globally we are seeing increases in housing and transportation especially. Do continue then to give to RENEWED Ministries to help us fulfill God’s Mission in Africa. May His immeasurable grace and favor always rest upon you.

Finally, please send your gifts to: RENEWED Ministries, PO Box 1229, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA 46546 or via PayPal on our website:

God’s richest blessings upon each of you as we journey and partner together for Christ and His Kingdom.

Coram Deo!
Always in His grip,

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