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Streams of Prayer for 13 November 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 13 November 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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November 12 – November 18, 2023


It is a privilege to engage in God’s mission through involvement in Bible translation, but it is a God-sized job. And prayer—by the church worldwide—is essential to carrying out this work effectively, through dependence on God’s power. Many Alliance organisations participate in the Prayer Stream through staff members who provide churches, organisations and individual ‘pray-ers’ with prayer resources and opportunities. Our current theme is Prayer and we will focus on praying for the strategies by which Alliance organisations engage in the Prayer Stream on behalf of those who do not yet have access to Scripture, as well as those involved in Bible translation movements.

Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023

Kartidaya staff pray in a monthly prayer time for those who still need to know Jesus and need access to Scripture in a language they understand. Photo: Marc Ewell (2017)

Communion with God: Europe

Alliance organisations in the Europe area regularly meet in table groups to help each other grow collaboratively in different ways. The Communion with God table aims to help organisations grow prayerfully and in dependence on God. Pray that this table group will help organisations to engage better in the mission of God and align themselves with his will. Ask God to make the staff of organisations more like him as they pray: to be kinder, gentler and more humble. Pray that everyone in this table group will motivate and encourage each other to be radically obedient and bring glory to God.

Joining in God’s purposes, South Africa

Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023
A list of intercessors for Bible translation projects in South Africa. Photo: Wycliffe South Africa

The staff of Wycliffe South Africa believe that “If we want to leave an indelible mark on the world, there is no more powerful way to do it than by joining in God’s purposes through prayer”. In October, Wycliffe South Africa held a week of prayer with other ministries in the country. They usually meet with other Bible translation organisations like the Bible Society, Biblica, Hands with Words, SIL, etc. Thank God for this collaboration in the ministry in general and in prayer particularly. Ordinarily, they hold team prayer meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays, devoting themselves to a half-hour of prayer for their team, translation projects, the country, etc. Specific intercessors have also been recruited to pray for each translation project. Monthly newsletters with prayer items for the staff are produced and sent out to prayer partners. Thank God for all these initiatives in South Africa.

Google Meet provides a platform for devotions and prayer: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023
Ukarumpa PNGBTA staff devotion and prayer time via Google Meet. Photo: Ofasia Wayne

Devotions and prayer take the first hour of each working day for staff serving with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA). Each of the four offices around the country observes this time separately. In August, the human resources department rolled out a new initiative to encourage and build team spirit among the staff. Now every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, staff from all the other centres connect via Google Meet for this hour together. Language personnel are also encouraged to participate as they can. This is building unity and strengthening teamwork. Pray for stable internet connections for everyone concerned. Thank the Lord for this platform to build and strengthen one another through the corporate reading of Scripture, praise, worship and prayer

Faithful in prayer: Canada

Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023
Image: Wycliffe Canada

Wycliffe Canada recently celebrated numerous staff who have served in Bible translation ministries from one to six decades. As stories were shared of those who have served 50 and 60 years, Wycliffe staff members were reminded again and again that from the beginning, this work has depended on God and the prayers of God’s people. Staff members thank God for faithful prayer partners through the years and ask him to continue to call the church in Canada to join in united, fervent, sustained and strategic prayer for Bible translation ministries. Increasing numbers of partners participate through the weekly Prayer Alive email and monthly Intercessory Prayer Partner emails. Staff also rejoice in how God is at work as they learn to pray together for projects through a weekly hour in the Unceasing Prayer for Bible Translation platform. Ask that prayerfulness will grow and deepen as God teaches them to pray together, led by the Holy Spirit. Pray that together Wycliffe Canada staff and Canadian prayer partners will increasingly see God’s kingdom come and his will done, and God being glorified, throughout the world Bible translation movement.

Early Morning Prayer with churches: Caribbean

One of Wycliffe Caribbean’s ongoing goals is to increase the number of people in the Caribbean praying for Bible translation. A new initiative was proposed by a local church to their prayer coordination department to present the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and to provide prayer requests and praise items for a corporate prayer meeting at 6 a.m. every fourth Monday, called Monday Morning Mission Pray. Wycliffe Caribbean led the one-hour prayer session in June and July. In September, they were asked by another church to do a similar meeting. So, another meeting has been scheduled for 6 a.m. on the 3rd Monday in October. All those who gathered for prayer online were inspired to share what they had learned about the needs for prayer. One individual who had normally received the weekly Alliance Streams of Prayer bulletins began to circulate them to other members. Pray that this prayer initiative will spread across the Caribbean nations to heighten in the minds of believers the importance of praying for Bible translation.

Diverse initiatives and resources: Cameroon

Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023
A recent issue of CABTAL’s bilingual prayer bulletin. Image: CABTAL

Prayer is most cherished at the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL). In reality, we cannot say exactly how prayer works. But, bound by the recommendation of the One we pray to, we pray. Thank God for this wonderful way that CABTAL staff can collaborate with God to advance his reign. Praise him for the various prayer initiatives put in place at CABTAL. There is a prayer session every morning in the three regional centres. The staff spend about two hours every Friday in prayer and devotion. CABTAL staff fast and pray once a month. Thank God for the prayer resources produced. Every Friday the staff pray for about 60 prayer points. The weekly Pray with Us prayer guide is produced and sent by WhatsApp and email to partners around the world. Point people from churches pray for CABTAL every month. They collect and share monthly prayer bulletins in churches. Thank God for this faithful rhythm of prayer that is woven into CABTAL’s structure as an organisation.

EMDC week of prayer: Colombia

Streams of Prayer 13 November 2023
Image: EMDC 

In preparation for the Spanish EMDC* conference to be held in Colombia from 27 November to 2 December, the EMDC prayer team has been meeting every week to pray for requests presented by their planning and content coordination team. Three prayer team members have suffered situations of illness as well as family and personal problems, but in all this, they have seen the hand of God responding and giving strength to overcome. In October they began with the Week of Prayer where each participant received an invitation to join with them in prayer. Give thanks to God for the planning and coordination team as they continue to move forward with preparations for the EMDC conference. Pray for strength and wisdom during these last weeks of intense work, and trust in the Lord that all is working for good.
*EMDC originated as Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation and now has a global reach. In Spanish-speaking settings, it is known as Escrituras Medios Difusión Comunidad.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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